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Albatross News Vol 2 Issue 3

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We have been moving fast and I know many of you have felt like we are flying too fast. In this issue we will cover

  • opening up the class 
  • dissapearing timelines
  • assignment reminders

Yet many of you have stuck with the learning, concentrated and can now do things you never could before.

Many of you have thought that this class is totally different

Yet good teaching and real learning do not change because of technology. We can just reach a bigger audience and make meaning in new ways

Opening the Classroom

We have often been guarded of our learning. Keeping the door shut and protected

We need to blow up the doors on our own learning.


As I mentioned in class I am going to take our classroom stream public. You as a student still have a fundemental right to privacy. You are never required to share in the open. 

You can take anyone of your posts on the Stream and make them: public, members only, or private. If you want to keep a post for the class only set it to members only.

So let's invite others in to see how we work

Disappearing Timelines

Many of you noted that your timelines just blew up and disappeared.

It wasn't a disturbance in the force but the Knight Lab updating Timeline to Timeline3. If you used the old template, but then the timeline3 website your timeline was lost.

No worries, you can get it back. Just take your spreadsheet url and put it back into the timeline website and embed it again. It will work I tested it.


Remember your tasks:

  • Four blog posts in this module
  • Finish and annotate readings
  • Analyze learning in a Twitter chat
  • Write a collaborative essay analyzing a learning space through a connected learning lens

And may the force be with you