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Not So Spooky Anymore

Before this pumpkin was all unoriginal and frightening, now he's friendly.

Monday Maker Challenge!

I had difficulty creating an account so I just took a screenshot of my bio hack :)

flickr photo by Thad Zajdowicz shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

I did it! My Remixed Photo

I figured it out and I am pretty proud of myself! Check out the link here for a random post on my experience doing it.  Thanks for the help Dr. McVerry!

Final Project!

After losing my link to my final project a billion times...

Im done!!

I wish everyone the best of luck. It has been a fun semester! I hope to see everyone around school or even have classes together :) Have an awesome holiday season guys!!

Final Portfolio

I had a lot of fun making this final and I had a lot of fun being a part of EDU 106. I got to learn so many new things that I will probably most likely keep using through the years!