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The Final

1 min read

Here is the template:

Here is my example:

Remeber you can search the site for "final" for more examples. I also put the Fall15 videos up top:

What must your final have?????


The final is a portfolio of your work this semester. It must include:

  • A home page
  • A writing page describing three of your favorite blog posts
  • An example of multimedia made in class (timeline, ignite talk, photo editing)
  • An about me page

Perfomance Task Two: Playlist for Comprehension Videos

1 min read

Watch the playlist of students using the web to conduct research, They are grouped into strong and weak readers.


Try to identify skills used by the readers such as, "Clicks on the second search result," or "Adds a new search term."


Then write a post (this can count as one of your four for the module) describing the differences in skill use between high and low readers.


2 min read

Hack Website Credibility

In this activity we will hack credibility. Using X-Ray Goggles you will increase and decrease the credibility of an author.

Curated by Greg McVerry

Steps for the Activity

  1. Read this article about living on Mars on the website Science 2.o.

    • Find the author Judging by the images and texts included is the author an expert?.
    • Navigate to the bio page: Does his biography make the author sound like an expert?
    • Examine the claims made by the author. Are his facts backed up with sources? If so are these sources credible?
  2. Activate x-ray goggles on the bio page.

    • Hack the website and make him more of an expert. Save and share your make.
    • Hack the website and make him less of an expert. Save and share your make.
  3. Activate x-ray goggles on the article. Change the link to the bio page to one of your two hacked bio pages.

  4. Find another website or online article. Repeat the steps. Share a link to your remixed website on your blog.

Quick Update

1 min read

The Twitter Chat:

The Group Essay:

-Remember I will not be in class tomorrow. However, you are all encouraged to go. It will give you a chance to meet with a group and finish the graphic organizer.

-If you do not have a group you can find one tomorrow.

You should leave class tomorrow with atleast the graphic organizer completed and ready to write the easy with your peers.

Here is a link to the timeline: maker