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EDU 106 Digital Project

1 min read

In case I haven't bored you enough with the wonderful world of Swim Coaching Check out My Digital Project and take a quick course in Swimming106



Have a Wonderful Holiday Break!!  



1 min read

Creation in the present Leading to Optimization in the Future


Check out my idea about how future generations will be able to optimize our world based on the collaborative environment created by the internet.

About me Page

1 min read

Check out Coach Awesomer (AKA John Scaldini's) About Me Page!!


Coach Awesomer's About Me Page 

Ever Felt Different?

ITs OK, it means you stand out in the Crowd!!

Merkle & Scaldini Collaborative Learning Case Study

1 min read

Check out the Merkle & Scaldini Collaborative Learning Case Study Essay about the Swim Coaches Idea Exchange Group on Facebook.


Collaborative Learning Essay

Reusable Coffee Cup "Debate"

1 min read

Hey ,

Check out my blog about reusable coffee cups! I'd love everyones opinion & knowledge on the subject.




Thoughts on the New DIgital Media Vimeo

1 min read

I always feel half optimistic and half pessimistic after reading about digital progress.

Digital Media