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Missed many of you in the rescheduled mandatory class. Those that came got credit and those that did not come...well did not.

As an update for this week you should have finished:

Course set up-Create a blog, share link on class Stream.

For next week you need to read and annotate boyd chapters 1 and 2.

Here is a link to the annotation tool:

I will post a tutorial tomorrow on joining. We did a demo on Hypthesis last class.

Here is a quick thought about our first Maker Party

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Well five people came to class Wednesday. Remember these design studios are drop in. We will work on projects and get one to one feedback:


The #edu106 Final

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It is hard to believe we are already done. As I said in class there are three options for the finals:

My Portfolio

  • An About Me Page
  • Three of your favorite blog posts
  • A multimedia project from class

Use this approach to just show off what you build. On each page you may want to include a reflection about your projects

Ed-Tech Portfolio

  • An About Me Page
  • Three of your favorite blog posts
  • A Screencast to teach us something

This option is for any pre-service teacher.

Digital Essay/Project

  • An About Me Page
  • Three posts or activities about your subject
  • A video or multimedia project to teach us about your topic

This option is for those who are doing a social justice, personal learning project, or a digital essay

The Templates

There are two templates you can choose from for the final:

Template One

Template Two

The Common Themes

Connected Learning

First and foremost your project should describe your adventures into. When writing your introduction or reflecting on your makes think about the values and principles of connected learning

Video or Animation

We have been experimenting with making meaning using a variety of video tools. Each of these showcases asks you to highlight a production based remix of make. You can use something we made in class.

Good luck to everyone and do not hesitate to ask.

EDU 106 Digital Project

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In case I haven't bored you enough with the wonderful world of Swim Coaching Check out My Digital Project and take a quick course in Swimming106



Have a Wonderful Holiday Break!!  


The Ultimate Portfolio!

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Here is my Edu106 Portfolio with (what I think) is an interesting screencast!


It's been an awesome and phenomal time guys!  I want to thank all of you for sharing your personal selfs with everyone through your blog posts, annotations, Monday Maker Challenges, etc.



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


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Creation in the present Leading to Optimization in the Future


Check out my idea about how future generations will be able to optimize our world based on the collaborative environment created by the internet.

The UX of Parenting: My latest post for #edu106

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When I often struggle to think about what to write I turn to every day objects. This is a great tip for new writers. 

When you get "writer's block" you are not suffering from a deficit of ideas, but of strategies. Having a few tricks in your toolkit can help any writer no matter her experience.

In this post I took a few images from around the house. Really boring stuff. Like a toothbrush holder. The real work of meaning making lives in the metaphor. I used parenting and the design concept of user experience.

User experience is about how a system or tecjhnology makes someone feel. The User interace is the tool otself. So through reification I superimposed this paradigm onto parenting. What emerged is a allegory of sorts.